Getting Started

Sign up for a free account.

Register for your free trial account and start using DocLauncher today! Your free trial account grants you full access to the features of the website. This will give you as long as you want to get familiar with the system, ask us any questions, and get everything set up for your team.

Prepare your content.

There are many options to get your content into DocLauncher. The easiest is to upload your documents to us through the “Import” screen. Our team will mobile optimize your document and send you an email confirmation when it is ready for you to review. Or you can copy and paste information, to organize it as you see fit. Or, if you are in the creation stages, you can type it in and edit as you go.

Upload your users.

To get your team in the system, all you need to do is upload a CSV. The upload page tells you what fields to include in your import file, like First Name, Last Name, Email Address… You don’t have to remember. The details are right in the upload page, and you will get a chance to review and confirm. If you want to add people more gradually, you can also input account information one by one.

Activate and Launch!

Once you have your content and users in place, you are ready to activate your account. This is when you will be prompted for payment information, or contact us for other billing options. When you activate, all of your subscribers will receive a welcome email with instructions for downloading the mobile app and accessing the content you have prepared.


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