Questions about DocLauncher?

Getting Started Questions

How do I sign-up for an account?

How can I get the DocLauncher app?

How do I upload my documents?

How do I add users?

Do all users have the same permission levels within my account?

Does each person on my team have to come to this website and sign-up for DocLauncher?

What are the technical requirements for using DocLauncher?

Do I need to activate my account to see what the app is like?

Content and Formatting Questions

Can I add our call schedule?

Can we link out to other sites and documents?

Can we include PDFs?

Can we include video?

General Questions

What devices are supported?

Security and Privacy Questions

Can I include patient notes in the app?

Pricing, Billing and Payment Questions

How much does DocLauncher cost?

Which plan should I pick? How big is 1MB?

How do I manage my account billing and payments?

What if I need to add more users?

What if I need to add more storage space?

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

What types of payment do you accept?

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

What is the difference between "App Content" and "PDF and Video"?

Customer Support Questions

Can you provide training for our team?

What hours are you available?

What email address do I send customer support questions to?

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